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The Matthew Morgan Program is specifically tailored to meet the needs of students with Down Syndrome. Students learn in a nurturing atmosphere that is customized to their learning needs, but also allows for independence.

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The Learning Support Program was created for the purpose of addressing the individual learning needs of our students. Teachers in the Learning Support Team are specially trained in working with students having specific learning needs or differences. The Program strives to provide support on multiple levels:  to the student, the teacher, and the parents.


Our Program uses a process of early intervention that targets grades K-3 in the area of language. The building blocks of phonics awareness and decoding skills are reinforced as well as comprehension. In grades 4 and 5 the focus remains on reading development and includes study skill support as students begin to gain independence and prepare for the transition into middle school. The Learning Support Team at St. Patrick functions both within the mainstream classroom and includes opportunities for support through small group sessions.


If you have concerns about your student:


The first step is to contact your student’s classroom teacher.  Your concerns may be accommodated through conferencing and discussing the current academic difficulties. If the student’s difficulties persist, contact the LST directly, or through the classroom teacher.


Possible outcomes may include:

  • Classroom Observation

  • Classroom modifications- based on need

  • Placement in LS monitor or direct services

  • Request for informal or formal educational testing, or other screening (speech, vision, hearing)

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L.E.A.P. - gifted & talented program

LEAP is a program designed to promote higher order thinking, collaboration, writing, and problem solving in our highest achieving students.  Students are considered for LEAP each year based on their achievement test results, classroom grades, organization and productivity, and leadership.  Students selected for LEAP must maintain their grades and workload in their regular classes in order to participate in the pull-out LEAP class.