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faith & service

Service learning is an extension of our faith. We believe that by instilling a sense of personal responsibility to the community in which they live, our students will become productive, community-minded, global citizens with a heart to serve.


Whether it's making rosaries for RCIA candidates, donating produce from our garden to Friendship Trays, or collecting canned goods for needy families, our students are constantly looking for opportunities to serve their community.

Students engage in school-wide service learning projects to teach them the importance of giving back. Students often choose causes that hold special meaning for them, such as collecting school supplies for needy children.

service learning

our service is a reflection of our faith

our faith

Our faith and spiritual growth comprise a core part of our curriculum.  We provide a monthly theme for students, focusing on moral and biblical values, and continually challenge students to consider, in any given situation, “What would Jesus do?”


Faith-based Activities


We offer a wide range of faith-based activities that bring our mission to life: encouraging the growth of each individual student spiritually, academically, 

emotionally, socially, and physically, through the teachings of Jesus Christ.


  • Religious Instruction – Religion is an integral part of each school day, as we strive to deepen each child’s relationship with God and knowledge of our Catholic faith. Activities including songs, art projects, games, stories, and writing projects help integrate our faith into our daily lives.

  • Daily Prayer – We begin and end each day together in prayer.  We say prayers before meals and at the beginning of many of our classes and meetings.

  • Weekly Mass – Students attend, and participate in, mass in the Cathedral every Friday at 8:30am.

  • Adoration & Rosaries

  • Prayer Partners - This program enables students in older grades to mentor, attend mass with, and share their faith with students in lower grades.

  • Song Leaders –Students have the opportunity to sing faith-based songs at school Masses.

  • Catholic Schools Week - An annual celebration of the high-quality, faith-based  education the nation's Catholic schools provide. 

  • Annual Celebrations -  Students learn about the history and tradition of the Catholic Church and develop a sense of belonging to our faith community. 

  • Sacramental Program – Although St. Patrick Catholic School is privileged to assist in preparing students for First Penance and First Eucharist, all other procedures for receiving these sacraments are guided by the Director of the Religious Education for each student’s home parish.