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Educating all of God's children


Individual Counseling

Students can see the counselor and work with her for a variety of reasons including anxiety, organization, study skills, friendship problems, coping with stress, self-control, grief and loss, and issues related to self-esteem and divorce/separation. A teacher or parent may refer a student to the counselor at any time.

Small Groups

Small group counseling is provided based upon the needs of the students. The counselor will assess these needs based upon referrals from teachers and parents throughout the school year. Topics for small groups might include study skills, anger management, and social skills.

Classroom Counseling Lessons

Our counselor teaches lessons in Kindergarten through 5th grade every week. Some topics include listening skills, friendship, feelings, social skills, safety, and character traits. 

Parent Resources

As a St. Patrick family, you will have access to counseling resources outside of the school environment. These include:

  • Books: Our counselor has a large inventory of books for parents to borrow. Please contact our counselor if you wish to borrow a book.

  • Referrals: Please contact our counselors if you would like a referral for outside community services.



Grief & Loss



(Anxiety and Depression 
Association of America)

American Psychological

Child Mind Institute

National Institute of
Mental Health


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