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Learning Support

Educating all God's children

Learning Support

The mission of the Learning Support Program is to identify and facilitate a successful environment for each student experiencing learning difficulties in the classroom. At St. Patrick, we believe that every student deserves to reach their full potential. Some students may require assistance beyond the classroom to meet that potential. The St. Patrick Learning Support Team is a part of the MACS program and is made up of two Learning Support teachers who are specially trained in working with specific learning needs. They strive to provide support to the student, the teacher, and the parents.

The Learning Support Program operates in conjunction with the St. Patrick Student Assistance Team (SAT). Classroom teachers, specials teachers and parents may refer students to the Student Assistance Team (SAT). Concerns may include academic, behavioral, social, medical, or other issues such as attention, speech, articulation, language processing, motor skills, handwriting, etc. 

At that time, an SAT consisting of an administrator, counselor, and Learning Support teacher will be formed for that student. The team works with the teacher and/or the teacher and parent to develop strategies and interventions that address any concerning that are interfering with school success. Services may include:

  • Consultation with the teacher and/or parent

  • Evaluation of the child's current status which may include but is not limited to: classwork, school records, and academic assessments

  • Classroom observation

  • Academic assessments

  • Referral for further comprehensive evaluations

  • Development of an individual Accommodation Plan for children diagnosed with a specific learning disability

  • Direct instruction


If you have concerns about your student: 

  • Schedule an appointment with your child's teacher

  • Work with the teacher to bring about a change

  • Refer your child to the SAT (Student Assistance Team) for further help by contacting the Learning Support office

Possible interventions may include:

  • The Learning Support teacher will consult with the classroom teacher and design alternative strategies 

  • Additional classroom modifications may be made

  • Assessments may be made by the Learning Support teacher

  • Your child may be offered direct Learning Support services

  • Assessments by outside agencies may be recommended

  • An Accommodation Plan may be implemented

Learning Support Staff


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