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Fine Arts

Create. Imagine. Discover.

Our arts program enables students to explore the creative process and develop confidence as they express themselves through theater, music, and visual arts. We want our students to grow to possess a lifelong appreciation for creative expression as a positive outlet. Our faculty inspires students to act with imagination as they begin to discover their creative voices, and realize the joy of the artistic process.

We believe that engagement in fine arts benefits and improves a student's performance in core subjects. Our long-standing commitment to the arts means that our class offerings and the types of art we expose our students to will only expand in the future.

Art: K-5

Musical Theater: all 5th graders participate in our spring musical

Band: grades 4-5 

Music: grades 3-5

Song Leaders Choir: grades 3-5 after school


Collette Leboeuf



Amy Davis


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