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Clubs & Activities

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Clubs & Activities

At St. Patrick Catholic School, we believe that academic teaching is only one part of our responsibility in nurturing tomorrow’s leaders.  Physical activity, social interaction, creative expression and community involvement are all vital to inspiring our youth to become well-rounded, innovative, compassionate, and ambitious individuals.  We offer a wide array of extra-curricular activities, both during and after the school day, to give our students every opportunity to explore and excel.

Our sense of community is brought to life through wonderful service and social opportunities throughout the year. Field trips to the Dilworth Soup Kitchen, harvesting from our school garden, and “Dress Down Days” throughout the year (where students can make a small donation to a designated charity, in exchange for not wearing their uniform), are just a few examples of how we strive to support our greater community.  


Our Trout in the Classroom program develops our awareness of North Carolina conservation initiatives and cultivates life-long environmental stewardship. 


Family fellowship is vital to creating a nurturing environment and lifelong friendships.  Our outdoor Fall Festival, parent parties, mother/son and father/daughter events and Family Fun Night are just a few of the events each year that create the camaraderie and spirit that permeates everything we do.

Clubs & Activities

PTO After-School Clubs

Irish Dance


Etiquette Club


Art Club

Girls Running Club

Boys Running Club

Chess Club

School Clubs

Flag Patrol

Safety Patrol

Song Leaders

Student Council

Community Activities

Back to School Picnic

Christmas Program

Kindergarten Nativity Play

Spirit Week

Field Day

Fall Festival


Family Fun Night/ Game Night

St. Patrick's Day Parade

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