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We believe success centers on creating an optimal foundation for each student's educational journey. We seek to produce resilient learners who are constantly growing in their level of independence, reading, comprehension and personal responsibility, to help them thrive as they advance into middle school.


We recognize that children are created by God as unique, gifted individuals with a natural curiosity, creativity, and enthusiasm. We provide a nurturing, safe environment that meets the individual needs of each child as they learn and grow. Our hands-on learning style encourages students to ask questions, develop positive work habits, and build connections to the material, faculty, and fellow students. 


Technology is integrated into every level of the curriculum, but in a way that enhances learning opportunities and facilitates collaboration with classmates. Laptops, iPads, Chromebooks, smartboards, and more outfit each classroom.


It is our hope that our curriculum will inspire a love of learning, build self-confidence, and foster a desire to contribute to the community.

Instilling a love of learning

Our Curriculum

Core Instruction

English Language Arts



Social Studies

Catholic Religious Studies


Special Areas

STEM: hands-on science, technology, engineering, math problem-based learning

Spanish: introductory Spanish language through games, literature, and conversation

Library: fostering a love of literature and nonfiction  in a shared space for knowledge construction, collaboration, and exploration

Physical Education: developing motor and movement skills, personal and social responsibilities, and health-related fitness

Computer & Technology: learn to create and contribute in the digital world

Music: explore the elements of music, musical technique, performance, and the 21st century connectedness of music

Art: create, understand, and analyze art in various mediums

Guidance: build listening skills, friendship, feelings, social skills, safety, and character traits.

Learning Enrichment Academic Program (LEAP)

LEAP is a program designed to promote higher order thinking, collaboration, writing, and problem solving in our highest achieving students.  Students are considered for LEAP each year based on their achievement test results, classroom grades, organization and productivity, and leadership.  Students selected for LEAP must maintain their grades and workload in their regular classes in order to participate in the pull-out LEAP class. 

"Classrooms are vibrant atmospheres where

students freely engage, interact and grow.

I love the diverse group of children my child

is able to interact with - I know these will be

great lifelong friends for her."

- St. Patrick Parent

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